Our engines and transmissions carry a 30 days warranty on them. This warranty is only on the engine block and head. This warranty will cover that no problems will occur if the engine is installed in the vehicle properly. In the event that a part of the engine block or head is found to be defective, this part will be replaced.

Conditions:Our warranty covers all internal engine parts. Engine block, cylinder barrels and cylinder head are also warranted to be free of cracks or distortion.

Our warranty does not cover the following:

  All external parts of an engine such as steering pump, intake and exhaust manifolds, carburator, alternator, distributor, starter, emission, thermostat, belts, hoses, clutch, flywheel, pullyes, wiring, computers (ECU), turbocharger units, fuel injector, gaskets and any plastic trim pieces.
      The loss of engine, if the engine is redlined or competitvely raced.
      The loss of engine as a result of insufficient amount of oil in the engine.
      Any labour for installation or removal of any defective part of an engine.
      Any damage to the engine improperly installed.
      Loss caused by modification (NOS, Turbos, Supercharged) for which the engine was not designed.
      Loss caused by overheating of the engine, unless overheating is the direct result of the failure of an internal part of the engine.
      Any tune ups and adjustments in belts, hoses, filters, emission control devices, sparkplugs, etc.
      Decrease in performance of any covered part due to normal wear and tear, unless actual breakdown occurs.

The customer is responsible for all the freight charges on the return of defective items and no replacement part will be sent until our staff have inspected and varified the the returned defective item in question.

There is a 20 % restocking fee on all returned products. You may return your product within 15 days of your receipt date. The customer is responsible for all the shipping charges for the returned product. You must have a RA number or Return Authorization number from JDM Inc. before you can return your product. Please have the RA number written on the outside of the package. Any returns arriving to our warehouse without a RA number will be refused. Also, include the invoice with your returned package.

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